Calories in Vs calories out (CICO) not working? / by Mark Runza

“We’ve known about calories in vs out for decades and we are still obese. We need to try something else”

Other things we’ve known about for years but as humans still choose to ignore.

❗Eating sugar despite it rotting teeth.

❗Cheating on your partner despite hurting them and losing them.

❗Not drinking enough water despite it causing headaches when dehydrated.

❗Driving drunk despite jail time and hurting someone.

❗ Spending money you don’t have getting into debt

❗Drinking alcohol despite it damaging your liver.

❗Having unprotected sex despite it causing STI’s

❗Having unprotected sex creating a child when you didn’t want one.

❗Smoking when you know it causes lung damage.


The reality is that humans are impulsive creatures and often give in to temptation. It's not the information that is wrong. We know how to lose weight but often times find it difficult to stick to, after all it's not as much fun or as easy as pigging out on a pizza! We need to take responsibility for our own actions before we blame a diet or food group.