Why Aren't Recipes Free Anymore? / by Mark Runza

You may have noticed that the recipes aren't free anymore. Why is this you might also be asking.

Well...Gymster has been going for 3 years now, over that time the recipes have mainly been free. Some might know that I alone run this app and that it's not my full time job. 

I am about to be a father for the second time and pretty much work two full time jobs at this point. Over those years of working on the app I've spent over £4000 on food and recipe creating without making anything back. It's come to a point where I need to start making money from Gymster.

I know this might annoy some of you but I will promise one thing, if you do pay for the recipes I will promise to keep on adding new features and recipes to it the recipes section.

Hopefully you'll understand and also appreciate that there are currently over 210 recipes for a total of £1 which is very good value considering you'll also get a continuous update of new ones too!

As always I appreciate all the people who use the app and have left reviews.

Looking forward to hopefully making some money and most importantly using that money to improve the app!


Mark Runza