Hunger Hack #1 - Revive Stronger / by Mark Runza

Hunger Hack No.1 - Out of sight, out of mind. You know the saying “you eat with your eyes” well that’s a load of shit, you eat with your damn mouth and if you eat too much, you can get pretty fat. However, there is some truth to this saying.

Every time you see a food you have to make a conscious decision; to eat or not to eat? When we’re trying to stick to our diet this gets tiring, till eventually we find ourselves breaking and eating what we see. 

This can quite easily lead to us failing to see the results we want because we stray from our diet. An easy solution is to actually just remove said food from our view, because then we avoid even having to consider it.

Maybe you need to remove the food from your house, or possibly you can just put it at the back of the cupboard. Whatever it is, the less available it becomes, the less likely you’re to consume it.

For things such as cookies, biscuits and chocolate this can really help, because they’re damn delicious but high in calories. Extra tip: leave food out in plain sight that you DO want to eat, such as tomatoes, berries, bananas, apples etc.

You can use this little trick to your advantage by doing so. Do you find yourself having to remove items from the house in order to stick better to your diet? Or do you have immense will power? # Remember you can save this tip by clicking the icon in the bottom right hand corner.